Have a great idea for a theme night at PLAGUE? Guess what, you can host it!


If we like your idea or it hasn't been done recently etc, we'll give you a date.

Submit your idea with the following information:

  • Name of the event:
  • Tagline for the flyer:
  • Description:
  • Who will be hosting (3ppl or less please):
  • Costume contest?:
  • Performance(s)?:
  • Decorations:
  • Do you want to make/arrange to make your own flyer?: Yes/No
  • Anything else?:
  • *NOTE: The club does not allow any fetish themes. Sorry!


    If you opted to create your own flyer, a proof will be due 4 weeks before your event date. Final flyer must be done 3 weeks before your event. We will provide the basic text that needs to appear on all flyers - feel free to wordsmith. Please add your own text specific to your night.

    If you opted to NOT create your own flyer, we'll need a basic concept of what image you would like, and then info on any taglines, costume contests, performances, etc.

    Guidelines for creating flyers can be found here: Flyer Instructions


    You will be reimbursed up to $30 for the movie, supplies, prizes, performances etc. when you submit your receipts. SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS! We need them for tax purposes.

    RECEIPTS SHOULD ONLY INCLUDE PURCHASES FOR THE THEME NIGHT. If you're purchasing other items, please use a separate transaction.


    If you are including performances for your theme, please limit the number to three performances of no longer than 10 minutes each. The DJs are working hard to keep the floor going and performances can distrupt the flow of the evening. Please provide a full list of performers a week before your event. Guests of performers will be required to pay the cover charge. (Only $3 before 9:30!) There is no dressing room available for performers.


    Show up at Aura by 8pm to setup. Security will let you downstairs to prep. Please do not bring any additional guests/significant down with you at this time.

    Hosts +1 guest will be comp'ed for the night. You are allowed up to 3 helpers including the host's +1 to be in the room before doors. Helpers will need to pay cover. Security gets nervous with more people in the room early. Let us know if you would like to "man the mic" or have our DJs run any costume contests, announce performers etc. At the end of the night, take down any decorations etc.


    Submit your theme ideas to