Updated: 05/12/2020


It is with regret after ten plus years of PLAGUE, that we need to institute a policy concerning banning. There have been several occurrences of inappropriate behavior that have threatened the spirit of the event: We do our best to provide a safe space, without judgement, where our patrons can feel free to be themselves, whatever that may be. We have put this policy together as a starting point for when we feel the need to ban individuals who act counter to this mission.

While not perfect, we have tried to clearly outline what we will not tolerate at PLAGUE and ask that everyone respect these terms. We reserve the right to update this policy as needed, when needed, which we dearly hope will not be needed.

Please be mindful that we as the staff do not want to be caught between any interpersonal drama. This policy should only be enacted in the most dire of situations.


The following use of "club staff" includes both Aura or PLAGUE staff.


The following behaviors or scenarios have been identified as cause to ban someone:

Legal issues concerning physical violence or stalking behavior (restraining orders/other threats).

Inappropriate behavior against staff or patrons including but not limited to:

  • Physical altercations
  • Verbal abuse (while at the club)
  • Drunk driving/threatening the safety of passengers
  • Disregard of requests from club staff
  • Any form of unwanted sexual contact
  • Harassing or stalking behavior


When behaviours are witnessed by club staff, no written proof is required, only a grievance should be required in the form of a written/email/etc. complaint.

When behaviors occur at PLAGUE but are not witnessed by club staff, grievances should be raised as soon as possible include any witness testimonials. A written grievance should be provided as soon as possible following an incident.

When inappropriate acts occur outside PLAGUE, written proof (text/email/photographic/witness statements/etc) of behavior should be provided.

We very much understand concerns about confidentiality and the fear of retaliation. We will do everything we can to ensure that victims' names will not be shared with the person in question.

Grievances/evidence may be provided to or any PLAGUE staff member.

Fact Gathering and Decision

The PLAGUE committee will review provided evidence or grievance and will discuss with the parties involved. Additional information will be requested if needed or a vote on a decision to ban an individual will be taken. This decision will be made after evidence or grievance has been provided. A ban may apply for a period of time or may be indefinite.


Those subject to banning, will be notified privately via email, text, or whatever non-public manner is available to the PLAGUE staff.

If the decision has been made to not ban an individual, those who provided evidence will be notified with the decision outcome and the concerns why the decision was made.


Subjects of this policy may appeal the decision of banning. An appeal should be provided in writing in the form of a private email/letter/or other format. The PLAGUE committee will respond with a new decision or request.


This policy ONLY applies to the nights when PLAGUE is held and ONLY to the room where PLAGUE occurs. The club (Aura) will be notified when an individual has been banned and may choose their own actions or apply their own policy. It goes without saying, if the club bans an individual, they will also be banned from PLAGUE.

Drink Spiking

In the case that someone suspects they've been dosed, we highly recommend that they get a toxicology test. This will help us deal with law enforcement and prevent panic in the case of any false positives. In the case that this has actually happened, we will notify the club, our patrons via Facebook, and will aid law enforcement as best we can. If anyone is caught doing this, they will of course be banned, and turned over to law enforcement.

If you or any of your friends seem unwell while at PLAGUE, please inform the staff immediately. You will be taken care of.

If anyone has concerns or suggestions to amend to this policy, these can be sent to for consideration.